With so many of us working from home, carrying out financial transactions online, moving personal data into the online spectrum, cyber threats are on the rise. The pandemic has surely made it more challenging for companies to maintain security and business continuity. That means new challenges have come forward for businesses and individuals as they switch to an operating model.

More than ever before, companies are fast speeding their digital transformation, with data at the center of it. Through the introduction of new architectures and patterns in many sectors, the ICT industry is delivering more agility in the creation and management of new services and products, based on the provisioning of basic digital services that can be easily combined together to create more complex and extended business chains. With multiple services moving online and ICT infrastructures that are growing in complexity and acquiring a multi domain nature, cybersecurity has become crucial to the digital world.

Having said that, tactics and ongoing EU projects are lending a helping hand with regards to safeguarding organizations and individuals’ data, with several use cases already underway to support robust, transversal and scalable ICT infrastructures resilient to cyber-attacks.

Within this context, we’ve had a talk with Paolo Secondo Crosta – Head of Innovation LAB & Research Programs at Italtel S.p.A., to discuss how open, holistic and end-to-end approaches are tackling the dynamicity and unpredictability of such complex environments where critical infrastructures and large chains are involved.

Guard has developed an open and extensible platform for advanced protection of trustworthy and reliable business chains, spanning multiple domains and heterogeneous infrastructures. The project is currently demonstrating the platform applicability, security and privacy features in Smart Mobility and e-Health domains, to mention but a few.

Tune in and learn what the project is all about, the many other industrial domains that can benefit from it and how Itatel is using its expertise in designing 5G, IoT, Cybersecurity solutions to benefit as well as contribute to the advancement of the Guard platform.