GUARD, represented by WobCom, is proud to join FIWARE, Nivid Technologies, Pleiades IoT Innovation Cluster, Snap4City, ADDIX Internet Services GmbH, AI Marketplace (KI-Marktplatz) and i4Trust at the IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona next week. Showcasing more than ever game-changing solutions & technologies that are disrupting and transforming industry. Join us next week Tuesday 10th May!! #cybersecurity #dataspaces #datavaluecreation #datasovereignty #datasharing #artificialintelligence #machinelearning #iot #internetservices #technologyinfrastructure

In the event, we will present our Smart Mobility Use Case that consists of a fleet management and end-user presentation service for private companies or municipalities that manages routes around the city, schedules maintenance times, routes, vehicle status (both for general use and maintenance). The service consists of devices installed in the vehicles and cloud applications.

The application developed by JIG and WobCom has been implemented in Wolfsburg’s bus fleet. The devices installed in the vehicles of the public transport service fleet collect location data, bus occupancy level, etc., which are sent in real time to the developed software services that ingest, clean and clearly present the status of each vehicle to the end user, providing detailed information on the status of the public transport service. The services required for the application have been deployed in Wobcom’s infrastructure with a microservices-oriented structure. This allows to deploy in a controlled way all the services necessary for the processing and presentation of the data.

The application shows all the information of the bus services, as well as the bus stops, active buses, bus status, etc., to offer the end user the possibility to plan his trip and also to give real time information about the status of the available buses. All the information collected by the devices is available to the user, who can view it by selecting the desired bus on the map. This displays information such as: the next stop, the bus occupancy level, the services offered, and the arrival time.

As a public application, it is exposed to attacks that can compromise the availability of the service, as well as the data handled by the application. The use of GUARD platform agents provides a layer of security at different levels to ensure availability, robustness, trust, and confidence. The cloud applications will be hosted on Wolfsburg City infrastructure. The Internet bridge connects to the IBIS bus of the buses to collect positioning information, operating data from on-board sensors and commands and queries from the integrated or portable user interfaces. The data will be collected and processed by the system using FIWARE services.

For more information on the use case that will be presented at the IoTSWC read our blogpost and watch the video!!!