Data will be the key driver for the digital economy.

On 16 and 17 May 2019, all 14 partners of the GUARD project met in Bologna (Italy) for the official kick-off of the project. GUARD, which aims to create a cybersecurity framework to GUArantee Reliability and trust for Digital service chains, will work towards overcoming a variety of limitations in existing practice and technologies. These include overcoming:

  • slow and ineffective detection of attacks;
  • difficulty in identifying new threats and vulnerabilities;
  • outdated and inefficient architectures;
  • technology and business lock-in;
  • slowness and inertia to share the knowledge of new threats and attacks;
  • ineffective interaction with users.

To tackle these limitations head-on and to realize its vision, the project has established several objectives it wishes to reach within the upcoming years. 

  • To design a holistic framework for advanced end-to-end assurance and protection of business service chains, by assessing the level of trustworthiness of the involved services and tracing data propagation.
  • To improve the detection of attacks and identification of new threats, by applying real time and/or offline machine learning and other artificial intelligence mechanisms to large datasets collected from heterogeneous services in multiple administrative and technical domains.
  • Fine-grained, programmable and low-overhead monitoring, inspection, and enforcement, by leveraging “programmability” to shape the granularity of context information to the actual needs.
  • To improve awareness and reaction, by developing user tools for visualization, notification, configuration, investigation, mitigation.
  • To elaborate new business models for commercial exploitation, leveraging different exploitation models (i.e., products, integrated solutions, support services).
  • To identify business opportunities and to initiate tangible actions for successful commercial exploitation after the project lifetime, by bringing GUARD products and services close to the market.

The partners involved in the GUARD project are: Maggioli, Italtel, Cnit, FIWARE Foundation, Wobcom, Minds & Sparks, Austrian Institute of Technology, Forth, 8 Bells, Nask, Mc2 Innovations, Law and Internet Foundation, JIG, and the University of Rome. The kick-off meeting provided each partner the opportunity to introduce themselves. In addition, the project was presented, as was the technical overview and two existing use cases, amongt other topics. 

Watch this space for more information about the development of the initiative, as well as upcoming events.