The 2nd International Workshop on Cyber-Security Threats, Trust and Privacy Management in Software-defined and Virtualized Infrastructures (SecSoft) is scheduled for 3 July 2020. Originally set to take place in Ghent, Belgium, the course of the workshop is yet to be decided due to the current COVID-19 situation. The workshop is a joint initiative from the H2020 EU Projects ASTRID, CYBER-TRUST, SPEAR, FutureTPM, GUARD and SIMARGL and was to be held in conjuction with the 6th IEEE International Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft2020).

The main purpose of the SecSoft workshop is to integrate the “Security, Safety, Trust and Privacy support in virtualized environments” conference topic. For this purpose, and open call was launched to gather new and innovative approaches to provide organizations with the appropriate situational awareness in relation to cyber security threats, allowing them to quickly detect and effectively respond to sophisticated cyber-attacks. Topics of interest included, but were not limited to, cyber-security platforms and architectures for digital services, virtual and software-based cyber-security functions, formal methods and policies for security and trust, and threat intelligence and information sharing, to name but a few. The deadline for the open call was February 14, 2020.

In total, 22 submissions were received in the form of 20 long papers and 2 short papers. On March 23, 10 papers (which is a 45% acceptance rate) were accepted. To be able to assess all submissions fairly and in great detail, 68 reviewers made 38 reviews, with each paper receiving at least 3 reviews. Accepted and presented workshop papers will be published in the conference proceedings and will be submitted to IEEE Xplore. More information about the selected papers will be announced in due tim

For more information about the open call, the SecSoft workshop, and the NetSoft2020 conference as a whole, please refer to our previous post.